Milk Bread

Milk Bread


Regular bread with the goodness of milk and sugar.

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Milk bread was developed in Japan in the 20th century, using tangzhong, a warm flour-and-water paste traditionally used in China to make buns with a soft, springy texture and tiny air bubbles.

Surprisingly, milk bread with an incomparable crumb and buttery taste is a snap to make at home, using supermarket ingredients. Once the tanzhong is cooked and cooled — a matter of 10 minutes at the stove — you have an easy and immensely rewarding dough. It can be shaped into coils or round rolls, like pull-aparts, instead of loaves, or you can paint it with cinnamon sugar or dulce de leche or strawberry jam when you roll it out.

Nutritional Facts *

  • For a Serving Size of 1 slice (30g)
  • Calories 70
  • Calories from Fat 9 (12.9%)
Value Per Serving % Daily Value*
Fat 1g
Sodium 140mg 6%
Carbohydrates 14g
Net Carbs 14g
Sugar 1g
Fiber  0g 0%
Protein 3g

*Nutritional information values from internet sources for references.

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All Purpose Flour, Dry Yeast, Milk, Salt, White Sugar

Best Before

3 days from the date of packing (when stored in an airtight container)

Manufactured by

Shreem Sweets and Bakery


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