Horse Gram Murukku (Kollu Murukku)


Another delicious South Indian Traditional Horse Gram / Kollu Murukku is very crispy and tastes delicious.

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These wonderful tiny beans are very rarely cooked in our cuisine, even though these beans are highly healthy and very nutritious. These beans are well advised for dieting peoples and whoever wants to reduce their weight. Frequent intake of these grains helps a lot for weight reducing. Coming to this interesting bean based murukku, we prepared them with a cup of leftover cooked kollu, along with gram flourrice flour with usual ingredients.

Nutritional Facts*

Amount Per Serving 100g

Value Per Serving
Energy 509.37Kcal
Carbohydrate 67.82 g
Protein 6.76 g
Fat 23.45 g

*Nutritional information values from internet sources for references.

Additional information

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150 g


Chilli Powder, Groundnut Flour, Horse Gram Flour, Refined Oil, Rice Flour, Salt, Vanaspati

Best Before

45 days from the Date of Manufacturing

Manufactured by

RL Snacks


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